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Chapter 149 Kiss Her

  • The crowd went wild once Ye Yuan got the ‘2’ points, and they wanted to see the thing that would unfurl.
  • Ye Yuan was the top beauty of Haicheng City who grew up under the limelight, and now that she was one of the top actresses, a lot of men fantasize about her; thus, her playing in the ‘Truth or Dare’ game was an interesting event.
  • This young master had always liked Ye Yuan, and even though he switched girlfriends frequently, every one of them was searched according to Ye Yuan’s mold.
  • Now, he wanted to know whether Ye Yuan was still a virgin.
  • “Young Master Sun, this might be ‘Truth or Dare’, but that question is a bit over the line, isn’t it?” Someone laughed.
  • Young Master Sun looked at the beautiful Ye Yuan on his opposite side greedily. “We agreed to follow the game rules, Ye Yuan. So you have to answer this ‘Truth’ question.”
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