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Chapter 142 What Is Your Relationship with Him

  • Xia Micheng could not hold her liquor very well, and would always be drunk whenever she had a drink. However, she was eager to try the colorful and deliciously-looking cocktails.
  • “Ye Yuan, can I have a sip of this cocktail?”
  • “You can’t hold your liquor very well, so I’ll just let you have a small sip.”
  • As soon as Ye Yuan agreed to let her have a sip, Xia Micheng immediately took the cocktail and drank it using a straw. Oh my, the cocktail tastes really good! It has a light and sweet aromatic taste. Xia Micheng took another sip…
  • By the time Ye Yuan noticed it, Xia Micheng already finished the entire cocktail by herself. “Micheng, how can you possibly finish the whole glass? Oh no, you’re drunk! You’re drunk! You’re going to be drunk!”
  • Xia Micheng put down the empty glass; the cocktail tasted really good. However, she felt a burning sensation on her face, which turned red after she downed the whole glass of cocktail. After all, the cocktail was a strong liquor that made Xia Micheng feel dizzy.
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