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Chapter 141 Xia Micheng Is Drunk

  • All the socialites in Haicheng City looked toward the entrance of the 1949 Bar. Lu Yuzhen was indeed here!
  • Tonight, Lu Yuzhen wore a black suit with a pair of black trousers. His hand-tailored expensive shirt was perfectly ironed without a single wrinkle. He strode across the red carpet confidently, appearing noble and elegant despite the cold and aloof expression on his face.
  • Gu Longfan and Huo Zhixun were here too. The three men stood there and discussed something inaudible to the others. Indeed, the presence of the three young masters from the three most influential families of Haicheng City instantly attracted the attention of all people in the bar lobby.
  • Wow, Chairman Lu is so handsome!
  • All the socialites in Haicheng City gazed at Lu Yuzhen’s attractive face admiringly. As he was talking to Gu Longfan and Huo Zhixun, only half of his face was visible to the girls. Coincidently, an eye-catching bright neon light shone on Lu Yuzhen’s side face, which gave a stunning and unusual glow on the distinct features of his face.
  • The socialites fancied handsome celebrities; they would scream in excitement if they saw their favorite tall and handsome hero in any idol drama. But upon seeing Lu Yuzhen, they felt the young man was way more handsome than anyone of their idols from television dramas, not to mention the aristocratic look on Lu Yuzhen’s face when he lowered his eyes while talking to Gu Longfan and Huo Zhixun. His unique autocratic aura as a natural leader was powerful and overwhelming. This was the greatest charm a man’s status, wealth and power could offer him.
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