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Chapter 138 The B*tches are Here

  • Xia Micheng had received Ye Yuan’s call in the afternoon. Ye Yuan said eagerly, “Micheng, the Haicheng City socialites are going to have fun at the 1949 Bar later tonight. We’re invited as well. Do you want to go?”
  • Xia Micheng raised her willow-leave-shaped-eyebrows and said, “Sure, why not? Since the Haicheng City socialites will be there, we need to go and meet them.”
  • “Ok.”
  • ……
  • At night, the socialites were gathered at the 1949 Bar.
  • This bar belonged to the Huo Family. Huo Qing, being the Huo family’s little princess, had booked the executive lounge in advance. Haicheng City socialites arrived at the bar well-dressed, looking like a bunch of flower butterflies.
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