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Chapter 137 The Gathering of Haicheng City Socialites

  • Later on, it was heard that a mysterious buyer auctioned off the ‘Only-Love’ necklace. The socialites had been trying to find out who the buyer was; even going as far as claiming that they would be willing to sleep with the buyer to get their hands on ‘Only-Love’.
  • What is ‘Only-Love’ doing on Xia Micheng’s neck?
  • Xia Keke’s heart sank; the jealousy that she had been suppressing was about to explode like a volcano. Who is Xia Micheng to own the black card gifted by Lu Yuzhen and Tiffany’s ‘Only-Love’ necklace that every woman yearns to have?
  • “Micheng, who bought you the ‘Only-Love’ that you’re wearing on your neck?”
  • Xia Micheng stretched her hands out and touched her neck; it turned out that ‘Only-Love’ had been exposed. She looked at Xia Keke and replied, “Since you know about ‘Only-Love’ too, shouldn’t you also know who gifted it to me?”
  • Xia Micheng lowered her voice as she spoke as her lips curved upward. “Don’t bother lying to yourself anymore. Believe in your own judgment; it is who you think it is.”
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