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Chapter 135 Only-Love

  • Although everyone feared Zhou Ping, they admired Zhou Ping’s work efficiency. She went right to testing where the Angelica was located after commencing the spot check.
  • In fact, it was obvious what the result of the spot check would be. No one could memorize 12,800 types of herbs in three days, let alone the useless Xia Micheng.
  • Xia Micheng would undoubtedly fail the spot check.
  • Hence, when Zhou Ping asked which drawer Angelica was located in, everyone smiled. They were all waiting to see her embarrass herself.
  • With everyone’s attention focused on her, Xia Micheng’s lips curved leisurely and answered in a clear voice, “Angelica is on the left-hand-side drawer no. 63.”
  • Drawer no. 63?
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