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Chapter 125 She Agreed to the Bet

  • This was an impossible task.
  • Did Xia Micheng dare agree to it?
  • Xia Micheng looked right at Zhou Ping; with her beautiful slender back ramrod straight, there was not a hint of evasion in her clear eyes. Then, she nodded firmly. “Yes, Director Zhou!”
  • She had agreed to it.
  • Xia Keke and Zhao Liying caught their breaths; they gaped at Xia Micheng as though she was a monster. Meanwhile, although Zhou Ping disliked Xia Micheng, who was hired because of her connections, she didn’t say anything else. “All three of you should return to your posts.”
  • After saying that, Zhou Ping swept a cutting glare over those who were filming with their cell phones and castigated them loudly. “You—yes, I’m talking about you. Also, you over there. Do all of you have nothing to do? Should I invite you to my office for tea?”
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