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Chapter 124 Those Who Have No Talent Are Useless

  • “Director Zhou, Micheng is my sister. Although she’s in the wrong, I hope that you can spare her; I’m willing to take the punishment on her behalf.” Zhou Keke wasted no time in flaunting herself to establish goodwill.
  • Sure enough, admiration and tenderness shone in Zhou Ping’s gaze when she looked at her. There wasn’t any problem with Zhou Ping’s character; since she was a director, she naturally had a fondness for those who had good grades and were obedient. Thus, the most popular socialite who studied abroad at Holy Dawn Academy in F Country was the model representative of her preferences.
  • In a mild voice, she said, “Xia Keke, welcome to Privy. I placed you under Leader Zhao in hopes that you’d adapt to Privy as soon as possible. The dean is coming back very soon, so I hope you’ll put on a good show.”
  • The dean is coming back?
  • Xia Keke’s heart thudded. The dean of Privy Research Centre, Li Wenqing, was a modern-day academician who was highly respected in the community. At present, he was in Imperial Capital City for an academic seminar.
  • Xia Keke smiled and said, “Director Zhou, I understand. I’ll definitely work hard so as not to disappoint you and the dean.”
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