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Chapter 120 Put Me Down, Mr Lu!

  • ‘Let’s cheer after me in high spirits—Xia Micheng is the prettiest girl in this street!’ replied 18-year-old Grandma.
  • Only then did Xia Micheng recall Madam Lu having registered a Twitter account which she followed when Madam Lu followed her. This Twitter user named ‘18-year-old Grandma’ was none other than Madam Lu.
  • Madam Lu had argued with many Twitter users with such ferocity that she became Xia Micheng’s top fan.
  • “Your grandmother-in-law is so supportive of you, Micheng. Who doesn’t want such a fan?” Ye Yuan was truly envious.
  • Xia Micheng was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. Never did she expect Madam Lu to argue with other netizens on Twitter for her sake. Grandma’s so adorable, she thought.
  • “It’s my turn to take a bath, Micheng. Take your time to read her comments,” said Ye Yuan as she entered the bathroom.
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