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Chapter 118 Entering Privy Research Center

  • “It’s not the same! Keke is not married yet, but you already are!”
  • “People can still divorce after getting married. Why wasn’t your first thought to get me divorced? Xia Keke and I are both your daughters. Either way, you’ll still be Lu Yuzhen’s father-in-law whoever marries him. So, what’s the difference?”
  • “You!”
  • Xia Chunyang was at a loss for words. Obviously, there was a difference—and a colossal one at that: Xia Micheng was not his own daughter by blood!
  • The 1.2 billion had allowed him to live a comfortable life that suited him. Wherever he went, people would flock toward him. He had been hoping that his own daughter, Xia Keke, could hurry up and marry Lu Yuzhen so that he could become that tycoon’s father-in-law.
  • Now that he caught wind of how Xia Micheng had been winding herself around Lu Yuzhen, Xia Chunyang was on the verge of exploding in anger. He was worried that Xia Micheng would ruin his plans.
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