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Chapter 116 Awakening

  • Auntie Lin had woken up!
  • Xia Micheng rushed over to the hospital immediately and saw Auntie Lin lying on her bed. While she was still frail, she was able to finally open her eyes.
  • “Auntie Lin, you’ve finally woken up. You’ve been unconscious for such a long time.” Xia Micheng grasped Auntie Lin’s hands emotionally.
  • Auntie Lin gazed at Xia Micheng’s beautiful and dainty face, which was now that of an adult’s. Her expression was one of happiness. “Young Miss, you’ve grown. If the Mistress was still here to see how you’ve grown up, I’m sure she would be delighted.”
  • “Auntie Lin, how did Mummy die back then? Was someone behind it?”
  • Xia Micheng was eager to know about the truth that year. Although everything had gone smoothly since her return from the countryside, all the leads on that incident had been cut off. The people who might have a clue as to what happened were either dead or in a coma, and since she was only nine at that time, she didn’t recall much about it.
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