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Chapter 1149 He Failed to Recognize Her

  • Chong Wen quickly turned his body around. Since everyone was here, Lu Yuzhen naturally had no mood to continue what he wanted. He lowered his handsome eyes to look at the woman in his embrace, saying in a loving voice, “Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be scared of.”
  • Being strongly protected by Lu Yuzhen in his embrace, Shangguan Ruofu felt extremely blissful. I’ve never realized how good it feels so good to be Xia Micheng. Hehe!
  • Shangguan Ruofu raised her red face to look at Lu Yuzhen with admiration and respect. Right now, it was bright outside and his men had all arrived, but no one dared to interrupt them. Shangguan Ruofu stood on her toes to get closer to Lu Yuzhen’s handsome face. Then, she kissed him briefly on the cheeks. Lu Yuzhen looked at her gently and even caressed her long hair dotingly.
  • At this moment, the real Xia Micheng was right at the door, but her face had already become Qing’s. Standing by the door, she saw everything that happened within. When she opened the door just now, she saw Lu Yuzhen hugging Shangguan Ruofu on the wooden table and both of them were very close to each other. She also saw the way Shangguan Ruofu hid in his embrace and the way he protected her fiercely.
  • Of course, she didn’t miss the kiss Shangguan Ruofu gave him and how he caressed her long hair… Everything that he once gave to Xia Micheng now belonged to Shangguan Ruofu. Xia Micheng knew that she should not be jealous and she should not blame him for that. He merely fell for the Seducing Charm by the Demon’s bell and mistook Shangguan Ruofu as herself. However, she felt awful and miserable, knowing that she could not help feeling jealous now. She was so jealous that she felt she was going mad.
  • At that moment, Shangguan Ruofu saw Xia Micheng by the door immediately after she raised her head. Of course, she also saw Xia Micheng’s disappointed and jealous expression, which delighted her. Suddenly, something warm touched her shoulders—Lu Yuzhen had worn his shirt and placed a black coat on her shoulders.
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