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Chapter 1141 Excellent Lover

  • Shen Li wanted nothing more than to morph into Xia Micheng at that moment. Why didn’t I meet someone like this man?
  • Women can’t possibly reject a man like him.
  • Xia Micheng’s pale ears were now turning red. She wanted to hold onto her last shred of dignity, and so she pushed Lu Yuzhen away. “In that case, you should let go of me to let me head up.”
  • Lu Yuzhen hugged her slim and soft waist while speaking to her in a hoarse voice, “Let me hug you for a while. I can’t leave right now.”
  • After that, he added, “You don’t want another Shen Li to pop up, do you?”
  • Xia Micheng was rendered speechless when she heard that.
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