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Chapter 1137 He Is Not My Hubby!

  • Xia Micheng's soft and petite figure crashed against his strong and firm chest. She tried to free herself by struggling, but she heard a groan from above her.
  • He had accidentally pulled the wound on his back.
  • Xia Micheng stopped moving immediately. “You can’t blame me for that. You had better not vent your frustrations on me!”
  • She was wearing a strappy singlet. Lu Yuzhen hugged her close to himself and buried his face against her hair while inhaling her feminine fragrance deeply. He stayed still until the pain on his back ebbed away. “How should we resolve the matter where you molested me?” he asked with a hoarse chuckle.
  • Did he just claim I molested him?
  • “Lu Yuzhen, I was saving you. You would have no doubt ended up dead if your temperature kept dropping!”
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