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Chapter 1130 My Princess

  • Shangguan Kai was immediately shocked by what he had heard with his ears. Did I say these words to her? He instantly reached out to cover Concubine Mei’s mouth. “Concubine Mei, are you crazy? I’ve never said those words to you!”
  • Concubine Mei was no longer fearful of anything. Now, she dared to say anything as she only wanted Shangguan Kai to save her and the twins inside her. Shangguan Kai is going to be king anyway and the twins inside me are his eldest children. What’s there to be afraid of? I’m not afraid of anything! Hahaha!
  • “Shangguan Kai!” A fierce roar came to Shangguan Kai’s ears.
  • As Shangguan Kai lifted his head, he saw an enraged Shangguan Zhou rushing toward him before the latter raised a hand and laid a hand on the former’s face. Shangguan Kai wasn’t prepared for Shangguan Zhou’s slap at all, so the impact sent the former right to the ground. Shangguan Kai’s throat was suddenly red as he spat a mouthful of blood instantly.
  • However, the beating never stopped there as Shangguan Zhou raised his foot and kicked Shangguan Kai severely. “Shangguan Kai, you are a good-for-nothing son! You are such an unforgiving piece of sh*t. It’s fine for me to clean up your mess whenever you plan to play with a woman, but now, you’re going overboard with my woman! Do you have any respect for me? The way I see it, you don’t have any respect for me at all! You couldn’t wait for me to die sooner so that you can sit on my throne after I die. By then, you will be able to waste my money and sleep with my women! Ain’t that heaven for you? I was really blind to have favored you for so many years. You piece of sh*t!”
  • Shangguan Kai groaned from the pain of being beaten and cried bitterly, “Father. Father, I’ve made a mistake. Please don’t hit me anymore. Ouch! It hurts!”
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