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Chapter 113 Just Who Is Your Actual Grandchild?

  • Ye Yuan showed her middle finger.
  • He wasn’t sure if it was directed at him, or at Xia Keke and Huo Qing who were sitting in the back.
  • Xia Keke and Huo Qing’s expressions morphed. Gu Longfan pressed the tip of his tongue to the inside of his right cheek as his thin lips formed a dark line. He grabbed at the buttons by his neck forcefully.
  • ……
  • After sending Xia Keke and Huo Qing back, Gu Longfan stopped his Maybach at the bottom of Drunken Joy Villa. He looked up and peered at the bright yellow lights shining above him.
  • Ding. Lu Yuzhen had sent him a text message.
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