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Chapter 1128 Cuckolded

  • A false miscarriage? The three words slammed hard on everyone’s ears like a bomb. Gasp! Everyone took a deep breath. How is this possible? Quickly, some people started to question Lin Hurou.
  • “Queen Lanlou, this isn’t something that you can just simply say. Do you have any evidence?”
  • Concubine Hua immediately landed her eyes on Concubine Mei. A moment ago, the former had focused all of her attention on Lin Hurou and never noticed any abnormalities on Concubine Mei. Now, Concubine Hua saw that the blood on the latter had dried up, and there wasn’t any more blood oozing, which made things suspicious.
  • “Concubine Mei, how do you explain yourself? Royal doctor, come up and have a check,” Shangguan Zhou instructed in a deepened voice.
  • “Wait!” Lin Hurou quickly stopped him. “Shangguan Zhou, since this incident is related to my daughter and she happens to know about some medical skills, so why don’t we let my daughter examine her personally? I’m not sure whether your royal doctor is a good or bad person. If he couldn’t even distinguish between human and chicken blood, it’s possible that he was bribed from the start to frame my daughter!”
  • Shangguan Zhou instantly glanced at the royal doctor. The royal doctor was so frightened that he quickly avoided the former’s eyes.
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