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Chapter 1120 Lu Yuzhen Strangled Her

  • What did he say? Xia Micheng lacked the courage to skip the pill because she would suffer from excruciating pain if she were to forgo it. I have to take the pill. “Lu Yuzhen, let go of me. Well... safety precautions aren’t a hundred percent guaranteed. It’s best that I take the birth control pill to be on the safe side.”
  • She was adamant with her decision. Lu Yuzhen glanced at her and he decided not to indulge her. Then, he bent down to kiss her face. However, Lu Yuzhen was extremely sensitive because he sensed the changes in her body. Xia Micheng’s body was becoming cold and rigid, almost like a statue. Hence, he opened his eyes and a trace of light flashed across his long and narrow eyes. It seems as if she turns rigid whenever I touch her ever since her return from the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom. Previously when we were in Beijing, I even said something cruel to her. I told her I don’t want a log nor do I enjoy sleeping with a corpse. I already noticed it during that time, but she was so passionate on the last night in Beijing. In fact, she was completely different from her cold and rigid demeanor from before. That is why I shook off my doubts. However, she is now as stiff and rigid as a statue once again.
  • Lu Yuzhen released her slowly. Xia Micheng pushed him away swiftly and jumped off the basin. “The birth control pills are in the drawer in the room. I’ll get them now.”
  • Lu Yuzhen’s dark and narrow eyes were like pools of black ink as he stared at her unwaveringly in silence. Xia Micheng sensed how dangerous he was right now. When this man, Lu Yuzhen, does not speak, he appears especially withdrawn and unpredictable. It’s almost as if he’s a closed book. He can’t be suspicious of that medication, can he? It can’t be.
  • Xia Micheng walked into the room. Then, she pulled the drawer to take out a pill. Just when she was about to pop the pill and swallow it, a large strong hand shot out to grip her slender wrist tightly. She turned around and gazed straight into Lu Yuzhen’s intimidating eyes. He followed her to stop her from taking the pill.
  • “Lu Yuzhen, what are you doing? Let me take that pill.” Xia Micheng tried to yank her wrist out of his iron grip.
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