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Chapter 1106 Xia Micheng Called Him Mr Lu Once

  • Xia Micheng turned around to run away.
  • Nonetheless, Lu Yuzhen extended his large hand and gripped her slender arm. With a gentle pull, her soft body, which was in the bridal gown, fell into his muscular and warm embrace.
  • “Lu Yuzhen, what are you doing? There’s people in here.” She quickly stabilized herself in an attempt to push him away.
  • At that moment, the salesperson beside them smiled. “Miss Xia, is this your fiancé? Wow, you two are really a handsome and beautiful couple. You two are really compatible, like a match made in heaven. I wish you a happy marriage and hope you two stay together forever.”
  • Xia Micheng was speechless. This salesperson misunderstood us; he is not my fiancé!
  • Her stunning, little face turned red. She wanted to explain, but it would only make the situation more confusing.
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