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Chapter 1104 There Are Too Many Women Who Like My Daddy

  • While smoking, Lu Yuzhen narrowed his eyes as he looked at the text message. It was obvious to him that it was Xia Micheng’s son, Tiao, who texted him.
  • This little guy actually got my phone number and texted me.
  • He felt that he should hate this little guy, but when he thought of his smart yet cunning look, he found that he was really unable to hate him. Not only did he not hate this little guy, he even liked him a little.
  • This feeling frustrated him, so he decided to ignore and not reply to this message.
  • Ding. Soon, Tiao texted him again. ‘Mr. Handsome, you are a little cool.’
  • His thin lips curled up into a faint arch. Unable to hold back himself, he replied, ‘Is there anything that you want?’
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