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Chapter 1100 He Made Her Meow

  • Lu Yuzhen's face turned serious.
  • Why isn't he talking? Is he planning on marrying Shangguan Ruofu? Xia Micheng jumped and her gaze subconsciously rested on his crotch. Since it was tailor-made pants, it was clear that something was going on with that part of his body… Oh my goodness! What is he even thinking? She quickly withdrew her petite face from his crotch, her face turning completely red. Then, she shrank back even further. The further, the better.
  • Seeing how she withdrew herself from him with a terrified look on her face, he pursed his paper-thin lips and commented unhappily, "Concubine Hua, Princess Ruofu, as of now, I have yet to have plans to get married."
  • After hearing his forthright rejection, the tensed Xia Micheng began to calm down. The anticipating look on Shangguan Ruofu disappeared and was replaced by a disappointed countenance after Lu Yuzhen’s rejection. However, Concubine Hua looked calm and emotionless while letting out a smile. "Chairman Lu, Ruofu’s love for you is deep and immovable. You don't have to give me an answer about this marriage that quickly; as long as you're still not married, Ruofu will be here waiting for you." This was how Concubine Hua humbled herself just to marry Shangguan Ruofu off to Lu Yuzhen. Right now, Shangguan Ruofu was the most honorable princess in Huaxi Province and even though there was a long list of women waiting and dying to marry Prince Consort, Concubine Hua's pick for her son-in-law was still Lu Yuzhen.
  • The bright and shiny eyes of Xia Micheng began to look skeptical. Concubine Hua is from the Mermaid Clan and has been hiding in Huaxi Province all these years, trying to seduce Shangguan Zhou. Could it be that she found out where Lu Yuzhen comes from? Seems like the Mermaid Clan has invaded Huaxi Province and the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom much earlier than I thought. They're impossible to get rid of.
  • Sitting on the maroon couch, Lu Yuzhen was still elegantly leaning his upright back against the back of the couch, emanating an incredible vibe. "Concubine Hua, Princess Ruofu, I can’t tell you to wait or not. It’s not my business, and me not intending to get married is certainly not yours." Lu Yuzhen responded with these few words—they were direct yet ruthless.
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