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Chapter 1098 She Used to Mean the World to That Little Girl

  • Concubine Mei entered with a mighty and arrogant look on her face.
  • Xia Micheng indifferently threw a glance at her and let out a gentle smile with her red lips. "Concubine Mei, you're the king's favorite concubine. But, why are you so worried about Prince Kai?"
  • Realizing that she might have overreacted, Concubine Mei quickly concealed it. "I'm the king's favorite concubine, which makes me the half-stepmother of Prince Kai. People like you who won't stop pestering Prince Kai in hopes that one day you could be his wife aren't new to me."
  • "Half-stepmother?" Xia Micheng repeated those words, sounding interested. Her gaze went back and forth between Concubine Mei and Shangguan Kai.
  • After a bad day, Shangguan Kai looked extremely pale. Today was another one of those days where he lost face without even achieving what he wanted. Seeing the witty and clever look Xia Micheng gave to the both of them, Shangguan Kai felt that he was caught red-handed by her. He quickly defended himself, "Concubine Mei, please pay attention to your manners. She's not any maidservant at the palace; she's Princess Lanlou.
  • Princess Lanlou? So she's Princess Lanlou! Concubine Mei stared at Xia Micheng with jealousy and enmity before she insulted in an eccentric manner, "So, you’re Princess Lanlou. I've thought of Princess Lanlou as someone pure and noble, but who would've thought that she's someone who likes to have an affair with multiple men—switching back and forth between Prince Kai and King Jiuling."
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