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Chapter 1096 The First Princess of the Huaxi Province

  • Xia Micheng’s voice was steady and well-paced. Every sentence had a profound impact on the listener, and each word touched the listener’s heart.
  • Lin Hurou nodded in satisfaction. She knew that her daughter could do it.
  • Liu Yingluo’s birth mother was a mere palace maid who was eventually beat to death by Shangguan Zhou’s mother. Before her birth mother died, she sneakily handed Liu Yingluo over to a maidservant that she was close to. The maidservant brought Liu Yingluo along as they escaped Huaxi and fled to Beijing.
  • This maidservant eventually became one of the bargirls that were high in demand. She later caught the attention of Liu Zhaodi’s father and became his mistress.
  • The maidservant nearly considered abandoning Liu Yingluo then, as bringing her around was a huge burden that obstructed her future. However, the good times didn’t last as Liu Zhaodi’s mother, Madam Liu, quickly found out about her husband’s mistress. She found ways of bullying, oppressing and harming her, and she eventually banished her from Beijing.
  • The maidservant lost her job and did not have any friends. Liu Zhaodi’s father quickly got over the initial spark of the relationship and began to abandon her too. Just then, the maidservant thought of an idea. She lied that she was pregnant and had given birth to a daughter. This daughter was the royal princess of the Huaxi Province, Liu Yingluo. From then onward, Liu Yingluo was slapped with the label of being the Liu family’s illegitimate daughter.
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