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Chapter 1085 Princess Lanlou Really is Amazing

  • Shangguan Xu stared at Xia Micheng who sat opposite him as he reached out for the white chess piece. Xia Micheng was dressed in a light purple tulle dress today, the cutting of the dress enhancing the outline of her youthful figure. She also had on a rather child-like gold charm on her neck. Her dark, smooth hair fell obediently on her shoulders and her milky white skin was bright and radiant.
  • Xia Micheng paid full attention to the game, a black chess piece in her hand. Her long and curly lashes fell downward in the shape of a fan. Her stunning look made her seem like she had stepped out of a painting even as she just sat there, motionless.
  • Shangguan Xu laughed. “Princess Lanlou, I realized that everyone from the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom seems to have really delicate and eye-catching outfits and accessories. They look really nice, like the charm you’re wearing on your neck. I’ve never seen it on the market before.”
  • Shangguan Xu, as the King of Jiuling, had seen a countless number of rare products and artefacts. However, he had never seen anything like the charm that Xia Micheng was wearing.
  • “This charm?” Xia Micheng blinked her eyes mysteriously. “Well, of course you’ve never seen it outside. My aunt made this specially for me. This is the one and only piece that exists.”
  • “Oh, I wonder who your aunt is. I know a handful of top jewelry designers.”
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