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Chapter 1070 Xia Micheng Has Left!

  • Xia Micheng’s long lashes trembled as she quickly buried herself in his bosom. “Chairman Lu, I’ve heard that lustful men are easily bald.”
  • A joyful smile crossed Lu Yuzhen’s thin lips. “What should I do then? Not only do I have a big temper, I’m easily jealous and lustful. Am I hopeless?”
  • She realized that he was quite clear with who he actually was. Sadly, the world is fooled by his handsomeness, fortune and power on the surface.
  • After that, he landed his thin lips on her forehead and it slowly went down her face. He kissed his eyes, nose, and in the end, her red lips. Even though he didn’t say anything, Xia Micheng knew that he wanted to do it again. She felt that his energy was at a scary level. Although being 32 years old meant that he was at an age of high vitality, he was still a bit too much, which really scared her. She quickly closed her eyes afterward. “I’m tired. I want to sleep now. Goodnight.”
  • Lu Yuzhen stopped as he looked at her trembling lashes. It wasn’t enough to satisfy him, but it was already late. It was now midnight and her gorgeous face was covered by a layer of tiredness. Tonight, he finally experienced the feeling of spending the night with a beautiful woman. “Go to sleep. Goodnight.” Lu Yuzhen hugged her as he softly closed his eyes.
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