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Chapter 1062 Lu Yuzhen, I Want a Hug~

  • Song Feifei’s heart fell. Even though Lu Yuzhen was acting distant toward Xia Micheng the whole time, she was still worried that he would step in at the last moment. If that really happened, the two would be reunited again and Song Feifei’s efforts would all go to waste.
  • “It’s so stuffy in here, Yuzhen. Let’s take a walk outside… or should we go back to our room?” Panicking slightly, she pouted her supple pink lips and said playfully.
  • The attendant courteously passed the bottle of wine to Chairman Zhou, which he received and popped open enthusiastically. He hastily pressed the glass into Xia Micheng’s palm. “Come on; let’s keep drinking.”
  • He even took the chance to touch Xia Micheng's hand.
  • Lu Yuzhen stood up abruptly. Expressionless, he said without looking at Song Feifei, “We’re leaving.”
  • He walked toward the door with her sticking close beside.
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