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Chapter 1061 I Do What I Want

  • “This pretty lady here really is bold, especially her persistence for something she knows she can’t get. Chairman Lu, your charm sure is irresistible!”
  • Conversations between men always had a tendency to skew toward exchanges like this, more so after hearing Lu Yuzhen’s explicit comment toward Xia Micheng. The group of men were getting more and more undisguised with their intentions in their words.
  • Xia Micheng who was slow to catch up with the true meaning of his remark was fuming at the reaction given by the surrounding Chairmen, belittling her innocent play of words. How… how dare he—!
  • These people are truly shameless… How disgusting!
  • Xia Micheng turned red from humiliation, as bright as a cooked prawn. Her gleaming dark eyes were filled with daggers, glaring at Lu Yuzhen violently.
  • In Lu Yuzhen’s eyes, she looked like a startled kitten about to pounce at him with her little claws. He felt a tickle in his heart.
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