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Chapter 1059 Special Night Service

  • “Miss Song, isn’t this the Chanel dress that was modeled on the runway just two days ago? Oh my gosh, are you really wearing that?”
  • “Miss Song, you look so different today! You’re glowing and all covered in designer items; don’t tell me you got a rich boyfriend?”
  • Song Feifei who was suddenly in the centre of attention looked up and immediately noticed Xia Micheng. She smiled smugly and declared, “Yeah, I got a boyfriend and everything I’m wearing right now is from him.”
  • “Who’s your boyfriend, Miss Song? Don’t keep us hanging and tell us!” A voice from the crowd urged.
  • Song Feifei was on cloud nine, her chin almost reaching the sky. “Well… I can’t reveal it for now… I don’t want you to be too shocked! But I assure you, he’s definitely a real big shot!”
  • Xia Micheng shot Song Feifei a brief look and promptly left the room without saying a word.
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