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Chapter 1053 Three Years Without Touching a Girl

  • Lu Yuzhen’s defined brows knitted together. He was looking for Xia Micheng, but the person on the other end kept talking nonsense. She sounded whiny and manipulative.
  • Lu Yuzhen didn’t have the patience to deal with her. He ended the phone call.
  • “Hello, Chikai’s dad, are you listening… Hello, Chikai’s dad…” Song Feifei anxiously called out from the other end of the line.
  • Maple Forest Villa.
  • It was already late at night. Auntie Zhao quickly opened the main door of the villa. “Mr. Lu, you’re back.”
  • Lu Yuzhen returned home and changed his shoes at the entrance before shifting his glance to look upstairs. “Where’s Lu Chikai?”
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