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Chapter 1025 Do We Need to Stop Her from Getting Close to Little Young Master?

  • Currently, Lu Yuzhen had one hand pressed on the steering wheel while he held a cigarette between two fingers on the other hand. His pair of deep narrow eyes fell on Xia Micheng, who was in the kindergarten opposite the street.
  • Today, she wore a t-shirt too. It was a lady’s striped T-shirt—pink, green and yellow in color—and the colors were very pretty. Below it was a pair of high-waisted jeans. This set of clothes was the uniform for the kindergarten teachers, and he saw other teachers—including some young and pretty female teachers—wearing the same uniform as well, but she was definitely the most eye-catching one.
  • The t-shirt brought out her youth, and her skin, which was milky white, seemed to gleam like an uncarved jade under the sunlight. If she were living in the ancient times, she would be one of the vixens that could bring down a country.
  • Lu Yuzhen slowly inhaled a puff of smoke before slightly tilting his head up and exhaling it, and the smoke that lingered around blurred his handsome face. His gaze was fixed on Xia Micheng. Her short and fitting lady’s t-shirt revealed her nice figure, especially her large bust and hips.
  • He smoked hastily, and he did not move his gaze away even after Xia Micheng and Lu Chikai disappeared from his sight.
  • At that instant, Chong Wen’s voice was heard from the phone. “Young Master… Young Master, are you listening?”
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