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Chapter 1020 Xia Micheng Made Him Lose His Reasons

  • “Young Master, Miss Xia was hired by the private kindergarten as a teacher. I think that she is… intentionally getting close to Little Young Master, and he seems to like her very much.”
  • Lu Yuzhen hung up the phone without saying anything.
  • Ding! At that moment, Chong Wen texted him.
  • He tapped open the message and found that Chong Wen had sent him a photo—a photo of Xia Micheng together with Lu Chikai.
  • Under the gold, dazzling sunlight, Xia Micheng squatted down and beamed at him with immense gentleness. Meanwhile, Lu Chikai, who was usually as cold as ice, seemed to have taken down his indifference and was looking at her with a bit of shyness and fondness on his face while cradling the smiley face keychain. They looked warm under the sunlight.
  • Lu Yuzhen stared at the pair of mother and son in the photo for a very long time. He knew his son well, but he had never seen Lu Chikai behave like this before.
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