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Chapter 1007 The Game Has Just Begun

  • At this time, Shan ran out. She was now Lu Yuzhen’s new favorite, so she could not stand sending him into another woman’s arms. She rushed to the corridor to hold his hands as she pouted coquettishly. “Chairman Lu, where are you going? Didn’t you bring me here to have fun?”
  • Seeing her pretentious look as she tried to act cute, his remaining patience was used up. Shan, who was in front of him right now, made him feel disgusted.
  • For the past three years when Xia Micheng was not around, which felt very long to him, he was the only one who knew that he had slowly forgotten her.
  • When she was not here, he still felt that the women around him were quite bearable. At least he wouldn’t feel disgusted by them.
  • However, Xia Micheng had now returned without any warning. Her beautiful face was the perfect fusion of pureness and sexiness; her elegance shone brightly, and just a slight movement from her could make one fall for her.
  • In comparison, the other women around looked quite low-class. Right now, Lu Yuzhen could clearly see through the thick foundation on Shan’s face. Her skin didn’t look as clear and fair as that of Xia Micheng, who had very little makeup on. She looked clean and tidy, and she wouldn’t try to pretend as if she was a little girl, unlike Shan. Xia Micheng was a gentle person; her voice was gentle, and her entire body was soft and fragrant.
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