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Chapter 1005 Two Choices

  • Lu Yuzhen looked at the way she didn’t want to concede defeat. At this moment, she had aimed a colored billiard with all her attention focused on that. A few strands of hair fell to her neck, making her focused expression look even more attractive.
  • Lu Yuzhen walked over to her in large strides. Once he reached her back, an evil thought bubbled up in his mind, and he couldn’t help raising his hand and hit on her bottom harshly.
  • A loud smack reverberated throughout the entire pool room.
  • Everyone there was stunned upon seeing this as no one had expected that Lu Yuzhen would slap Xia Micheng’s bottom.
  • Caught off guard, Xia Micheng felt the pain, and her clear eyes turned red immediately while she let out a reflexive scream. “Ahh!”
  • Lu Yuzhen’s smack was incredibly harsh, and it hurt a lot.
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