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Chapter 945 Don’t You Know That I’m Pregnant?

  • Li Yuntong was furious. She totally had no idea what Xia Micheng was scheming; she was just like a pawn in her hand, being toyed by her as she pleased.
  • Nevertheless, truth be told, Xia Micheng could do all this because Lu Yuzhen loved her.
  • Her pretty little face scowled in envy and hatred as she glared at her viciously. “Xia Micheng, don’t feel too pleased with yourself. Yuzhen will find out about your schemes soon, and he will know that I’m the only one who truly loves him. I’ll wait for Yuzhen, and he will fall in love with me sooner or later!”
  • Impassive, Xia Micheng raised her little hand and tucked a strand of loose hair by her cheek behind her ear. “Oh, really?”
  • Her languid movement caused the front part of her white dress to spread wider, exposing the deep hickeys on her pink neck.
  • Upon seeing the hickeys on her, Li Yuntong’s expression darkened. “Xia Micheng, you made love with Yuzhen?”
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