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Chapter 930 Xia Micheng, Don’t Bully Me

  • Lu Yuzhen kissed Xia Micheng tenderly but firmly. He caressed her lips with his, almost melting her with his sensual and lingering kiss. He darted his tongue to claim the sweet and sour plum from her mouth. Now, both of their mouths had the lingering sweetness of the plum.
  • Xia Micheng shoved against his sculpted chest with her small hands to push him away.
  • Lu Yuzhen pulled away from her ruby-red lips, but his eyes were burning with the flames of lust. His voice was hoarse when he spoke again, “Cheng, I want you.”
  • Xia Micheng recalled her injuries previously due to his violent actions. I can’t believe he’s requesting for more after barely a few days. “Lu Yuzhen, did you come looking for me just to do that?”
  • Lu Yuzhen paused before answering her, “No.”
  • “In that case, don’t touch me. Go to Li Yuntong to fulfill your needs. From my point of view, the two of you just need a marriage certificate to seal the deal. Feel free to vent your sexual frustration on her because she has to fulfill her wifely obligations.”
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