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Chapter 905 Shangguang Zhou’s Appearance

  • Xia Micheng always impressed everyone and harshly defeated Li Yuntong each time she arrived at a place.
  • Li Yuntong was the daughter of the wealthiest man in the world and the most beautiful woman in Beijing. On top of that, she was the most beautiful woman among the aristocrats as well. With such a powerful background, she couldn’t figure out how she had messed up everything ever since she met Xia Micheng. Li Yuntong, of course, did not spend the rest of her time wallowing in misery and she secretly curled her lips upwards. Who says that I will spend the night alone? Lu Yuzhen has to accompany me during our wedding night! If he doesn’t do that, I won’t donate my blood to save Xia Micheng!
  • Xia Micheng quickly walked out of the hall, but there were already sweat beads forming on her soft skin. Her eyebrows furrowed into a frown when she leaned against the cold wall as she panted. It was not an act when she groaned in pain in front of Lu Yuzhen earlier as she had suffered from the effects of the aging disease yet again. She felt that her face had been slashed by numerous knives and her skin was ripped apart from within. The pain caused her entire body to tremble violently. I can’t faint here. I can’t collapse at this wedding party. I can’t let Lu Yuzhen see me looking like this. I have to leave. She straightened her back and continued to walk forward.
  • However, after she took a few steps, a man had appeared in front of her—Shangguan Zhou finally revealed himself.
  • When Xia Micheng saw him, she immediately stopped in her tracks.
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