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Chapter 849 Don’t Move, Look at Me

  • They were now in a difficult posture. Xia Micheng’s two legs were no longer touching the ground as they were hung on Lu Yuzhen’s strongly built waist. He kissed her violently as though he wanted to eat her whole and she could only tighten her legs instinctively to cling on to him firmly.
  • At this moment, Lu Yuzhen felt that his waist was slowly fastened tightly by her legs, so he left her red lips and buried his delicate face into her long hair. He then grunted before whispering in a low and husky voice, “Why are you clinging so tightly on me?”
  • Xia Micheng was rendered speechless. Quickly, she placed both her hands on each side of his hard shoulder and pushed him. “Then let me down now. Doesn’t your arm hurt?” As she said that, she took a pinch of his right arm. The muscles on his arms were firm as they were filled with a man’s strength and it didn’t feel useless at all. “Lu Yuzhen, are you lying to me? Have you been doing rehabilitation training during this period? I can see that your right arm has improved!”
  • Lu Yuzhen knew in that instant that his lies had been exposed. He already went through rehabilitation training for quite a while now as he felt embarrassed as a man that he wouldn’t be able to carry her up again due to his disabled right arm. That was why he kept on working hard and the recovery effects were excellent to the point where he regained the strength of an ordinary man in the end. “You can try to see if my arm has recovered or not.” With that, Lu Yuzhen reached out his right arm and carried her up while stretching his arm.
  • Xia Micheng was taken aback. He now held her with just an arm as if he carried a child. She was still a 90 kilogram young woman, but he was able to hug her in his arms with ease. Then, he ran to a room while carrying her, illustrating the maximum of a boyfriend’s powers.
  • She made a fist and punched him. “What are you doing? Let me down now!”
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