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Chapter 828 Xia Micheng, Let’s Date!

  • Lu Yuzhen lifted his handsome eyelids and stared at her with his deep dark eyes. “Are you sure you really don’t want me to be your boyfriend and don’t want to date me?”
  • Xia Micheng was rendered speechless and could barely withstand his passionate attacks. “Lu Yuzhen, why do you suddenly want to date me? Don’t you always think that I’m a bad woman who is vain, loves tricks and enjoys shady relationships? Besides, I was married once. Previously, you even said that you won’t want a divorced woman. Why did you change your views so soon?”
  • Lu Yuzhen felt that he had misunderstood her in the past. When her identity as Professor Xia was exposed, only then did he realize that he was totally wrong.
  • Everybody in Beijing knew about X, but none expected that X was a mere 20-year old girl. Four or five years back, she was only around 16, but she was already a prodigy in the medical field.
  • Once Lu Yuzhen threw aside his prejudices, he finally understood her.
  • The girl beneath him was intelligent, courageous, resolute and bold yet composed. She was like a precious unsheathed sword, cold and sharp. At the same time, she was like a young lily in the fields, lustrous and radiant, or a rose, giving out a young girl’s tender fragrance.
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