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Chapter 810 I Won’t Forgive Your Family

  • Xia Micheng first looked at Liu Zhaodi’s face. “Mrs. Lu, are you so preoccupied by this wedding ceremony that you don’t care about your son’s health anymore?”
  • Stunned by her question, Liu Zhaodi countered, “What do you mean by that? What’s wrong with my son’s health?”
  • Both Old Master Ye and Ye Youxuan’s hearts skipped a beat. Had Xia Micheng discovered something?
  • That could not be. The Gu poison was administered by Ye Mengxiao himself. Ordinary folks would not notice anything.
  • Old Master Ye gave the villa a scan but he found no sight of Ye Mengxiao. Knowing that he had gone to look for Xia Micheng earlier, Old Master Ye had a feeling that something bad might have already happened because Xia Micheng was standing right there, looking well, whereas Ye Mengxiao was nowhere to be seen.
  • Suppressing the apprehension and restlessness deep down inside her, Ye Youxuan pretended to look calm as she glowered at Xia Micheng. “Xia Micheng, don’t be an alarmist and try to spread fear. There’s nothing wrong with Xinang’s body, and we love each other a great deal!”
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