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Chapter 809 He doesn’t!

  • The show is about to begin!
  • When she said that, she moved her sparkling eyes around which flickered and gleamed with traces of joy. The charm she exuded was extremely captivating.
  • Knowing exactly what she was about to do, Lu Yuzhen’s arched eyebrows frowned in annoyance. “Are you going to ruin Lu Xinang’s wedding ceremony? Are you really this bitter to know that he’s going to marry another woman?”
  • Staring at him, Xia Micheng said softly, “Lu Xinang is my friend. I can’t leave him behind without helping him.”
  • The frown on Lu Yuzhen’s forehead deepened.
  • At that moment, Lu Xinang and Ye Youxuan had reached where the pastor was standing after walking to the end of the red carpet. After reading aloud the oath, the pastor asked, “Ye Youxuan, do you take Lu Xinang as your lawfully wedded husband?”
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