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Chapter 808 Why Isn’t Xia Micheng the Granddaughter of the Li Family?

  • Yet, the guests were still busy whispering among themselves.
  • “For goodness sake, the Ye family are actually still in the mood for the wedding ceremony after Ye Zi just admitted to being a murderer and was taken away by the police?”
  • “Do they even care about her at all? Aren’t they going to hire a lawyer for her?”
  • “I think Ye Youxuan just can’t wait to marry Lu Xinang after having a crush on him for so many years. Finally, Lu Xinang agreed to marry her, so I’m sure she will marry him by hook or by crook today.”
  • Listening to the babble of talks which ensued among the guests, the smile on Ye Youxuan’s face froze again. Deep down, she hated Xia Micheng to the core for humiliating her as well as her family so badly.
  • Now, she was criticized for carrying on with the ceremony, but even if she decided to cancel it, she would not be spared either.
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