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Chapter 796 I’ve Waited for You for a Very Long Time

  • After Ye Mengxiao returned to the Ye residence, he spent the entire night trying to locate Xia Micheng’s black multipurpose vehicle without sleeping a wink. Yet, he failed to glean even a single clue about its location. It was as though the car was protected by a mysterious and powerful force.
  • Also, he thought there was something fishy with his experience at the hospital earlier that day too. When he was there trying to look for Xia Micheng, several doctors and nurses came blocking his way, and in the end, even the elevator service was halted temporarily. Obviously, those means were meant to hinder him so that Xia Micheng could be protected. Had Xia Micheng procured the help of the entire hospital? There was one question which had been bothering Ye Mengxiao all this while—who exactly was Xia Micheng? There was no way she was just an ordinary woman.
  • Before dawn, the entire Ye residence was lined with bright red lanterns because Lu Xinang and Ye Youxuan would have their wedding today. Ye Youxuan woke up very early to doll herself up because she wanted to become the prettiest bride in the world today, and she would soon begin her perfect and blissful princess-like life.
  • In the morning, Ye Mengxiao, who did not sleep a wink throughout the entire night, received a sudden call from his subordinate, who said to him respectfully, “Young Master Ye, we’ve found the black MPV!”
  • What?! It’s been found? Ye Mengxiao rose to his feet at once. “Spill it.”
  • “The plate of the black MPV is registered under the Underground Scientific Research Center, and according to our investigation, the owner of the car is Professor X, who once shook the entire Beijing because of what he did. The car is allowed access pretty much everywhere in the entire city!”
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