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Chapter 793 Let’s Relive the Old Days

  • However, when the girl's soft lips pressed on his, he actually found that it didn’t feel… bad.
  • Incidentally, that was what the girl above him thought of as well. “So that’s the kissing people speak of. Not bad. Let’s do it one more time.”
  • The girl kissed him again.
  • Li Zhanming had gone through an intense mental struggle. He never thought that he would be tangling with a girl he didn’t know. He didn’t like one night stands, but now waves of heat in him were increasing in intensity, nearly burning him up.
  • Li Zhanming closed his eyes. With the girl in his arms, he rolled over and pinned her down. He ordered her hoarsely, “Open your mouth!”
  • “What for… urgh!”
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