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Chapter 792 I’m the Mother of Your Child

  • He couldn’t see the girl’s face, but he could vaguely make out her figure. Her body was great. She had a very slight frame, and the curves below her shoulders were alluring, with the lines further below curving in and out, like a flower vase. She straddled him just like that. He immediately woke up from the shock and attempted to move, but then his pupils shrank as he realized that he couldn’t; his arms and legs had been tied up.
  • He, Li Zhanming, had been tied spread-eagled to the bed by a girl. His eyes were frosty as he looked at the girl sitting on him. “Who are you?”
  • The voice of the girl above him was sweet and cheeky. Her laughter was as pleasing as the chime of a bell. “I am… the mother of your child!”
  • He pressed his lips together as he tried to find a retort. “What on earth are you planning?”
  • The girl on top lowered herself, pressing their faces close together. He could now see the girl’s crystalline eyes clearly. A watery glow shone in them, swirling in them. She lay across his body like a sly little fox as she blinked her eyes. “I already said that I’m the mother of your child, so… I want to bear your child…”
  • Li Zhanming had gone through the most proper of education as an heir to an elite family ever since he was born. The number of girls who liked him was as numerous as grains of sand, but he naturally was disinterested in women. Even so, those girls were still the daughters of elite families. Everyone was so proper and refined, so when had he ever met such a bold and shameless girl?
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