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Chapter 737 Mommy’s Second Treasure Chest

  • Once everyone had gone home and the radio station had switched off all its lights, Xia Micheng went to the rear of the station with the key in her hand. She then came to a stop, standing before that dark red door.
  • Her heart was now racing madly; she could already sense a frightening and mysterious energy pulling her in now.
  • Xia Micheng inserted the key into the lock and gently turned it. With a clear ‘click’, the door opened. She then pushed the door and walked inside.
  • It was dark and cold inside, not to mention an endless swathe of darkness; she couldn’t see anything at all. Even the world was completely silent here, the place devoid of all sound. It was so quiet that it could send people into a panic.
  • Xia Micheng walked in, her feet stepping onto the soft earth there. Her mind was tightly wound up. She was on high alert, wary of the danger that could happen at any time now.
  • However, there was nothing even after she had walked for quite a while.
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