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Chapter 715 Xia Micheng Is Li Zhanming’s Daughter!

  • A shudder ran though Ye Zi’s body as she still felt embarrassed when Madam Li revealed the past events mercilessly. At that time, she was the young lady of the Ye Family. She was enchanted by Li Zhanming when she caught sight of the son of Beijing among the crowd. She grew so obsessed with him that she could no longer control her desires.
  • In order to conquer him, Ye Zi found a chance to put drugs in Li Zhanming’s drink. At first, she planned to use this chance to get him to sleep with her, to seal the deal between them, so that she could finally become his woman. However, something unexpected happened.
  • Li Zhanming was a vigilant man; he sensed the weird sensation he was feeling in his body very soon. He did not return to his own room, which caused Ye Zi’s plans to come to nothing. Hence, nobody, not even Ye Zi, knew what happened during this period of time. She looked for Li Zhanming everywhere in the hotel and eventually found him in a room.
  • Until now, Ye Zi could still clearly remember what had happened. When she walked to that room, the door coincidentally opened, and a woman ran out from it. Although the woman bumped into her, Ye Zi could not see her face clearly because everything happened too fast. Ye Zi noted that the woman was not properly dressed, so she saw one of her shoulders and noticed that there was a red flower below her attractive collarbone.
  • That flower did not look like a tattoo; it seemed like it had grown straight out of her skin. The flower looked lively and beautiful, captivating anyone who saw it. This was why Ye Zi had never forgotten it despite only having taken a swift glance. At that moment, she was confused by that woman’s actions. After the woman had run away, she looked inside the room from the door. The sight that met her eyes had caused her to stop breathing for a moment.
  • She saw Li Zhanming lying on the soft bed in the room. It was obvious that the people in the room had had a round passionate sex, because clothes were scattered around on the carpet and the bedsheets were in a mess.
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