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Chapter 692 Chairman Lu’s Head Looks Green on the Top

  • It could be said that these people were adding fresh animosity to their old grudges as they hated Xia Micheng’s guts. One of them took an egg and hurled it at her right away.
  • The egg broke with a crack and its contents spilled all over Xia Micheng.
  • Since someone had struck the first blow, everyone followed suit by hurling eggs and vegetables at her. As they hurled the eggs and vegetables at her, they yelled, “Xia Micheng, please get out of the radio station and get out of the Academy of Sciences. We don’t welcome you here!”
  • Xia Micheng instantly became the object of their criticism and was mauled by the crowd.
  • Just then, someone threw a pebble over, which hit Xia Micheng’s forehead directly. Xia Micheng raised her hand and touched her forehead to find out that it was bleeding.
  • Her palm-sized gorgeous face slowly darkened as she darted her sharp eyes at these people’s faces.
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