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Chapter 660 Bringing His Fiancée Home

  • Xia Micheng gave it a thought. The engagement was arranged by her mom and Lu Yuzhen’s mom, so the whole Lu Family, including Madam Lu, Lu Zhengzhe and Liu Zhaodi should know her mom. However, they didn’t know that she was Lin Hurou’s daughter.
  • Xia Micheng’s chest tightened. She felt that she had found a path her mom had taken, and she had to walk down that path to see if her mom had left any traces on the path.
  • “Okay, Xinang. I’ll follow you home.” Xia Micheng nodded in agreement.
  • Lan Feng quickly said, “Xinang, I can let you bring Micheng home, only if you promise you’ll protect her. Your mom—”
  • “Mommy Lan!” Xia Micheng interrupted.
  • Even though Lan Feng couldn’t finish her words, Lu Xinang could guess what she was trying to say. Knowing his mom too well, he figured that his mom must have caused trouble for Xia Micheng when he was away from Beijing.
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