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Chapter 624 Don’t Worry, I’m Here

  • “F*ck! Get away from it!” a man in black yelled in panic, but it was too late. The next second, the Rolls-Royce Phantom banged into their black van with huge and devastating force.
  • Bang! The loud thundering sound created a huge impact.
  • With great surprise, the pedestrians stared at the scene that was happening right in front of them. They had witnessed the Rolls-Royce Phantom catch up to the van dangerously before crashing into it.
  • The black van was flung into the air, and sparks were flying due to the collision. It then stopped after it ploughed into the wall at the side, terribly ruined.
  • Silence reigned after the loud commotion. After a few seconds, the pedestrians saw a tall and handsome man get out of the Rolls-Royce Phantom after the door opened.
  • Lu Yuzhen stepped out of the car.
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