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Chapter 59 You’re So Filthy

  • Xia Micheng’s joke had sent everyone’s mood on a rollercoaster ride. Su Ju’s handsome face was even more gloomy and unpleasant; he raised his head and looked at Xia Erxiang, seemingly perfunctory and uninterested. “Erxiang, marry me. I’ll keep you happy in the future.”
  • Xia Erxiang was unhappy upon listening to the much-shortened version of the proposal, but she did not want to be interrupted by any more incidents. She quickly stretched her hand out and said, “Su Ju, I promise you.”
  • Su Ju slowly slipped the diamond ring onto Xia Erxiang’s ring finger.
  • At that very moment, the phone in Su Ju’s pocket sounded with a ding; he had received a text message.
  • Su Ju stopped what he was doing and fished out his phone to read the message.
  • Soon, his long and slender body was stunned on the spot.
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